03 Edition

03 Edition

03 Edition

The primordial bond with nature is narrated in the new 03 Edition by Alexandra Tapu. Creations born from the study and the meticulous research of what is inexorably close to the natural world and finds its highest expression in this season. Simplicity is the incontrovertible essence of a power of creating which transforms and here good adapts itself to dresses and outfits with classic, clean, gentle features that caress the figure without tighten, leaving it free to move and express itself. The natural and light fabrics used create a feeling of wellness to the touch which remember the pleasurable sensation of laying down in a blooming field: silk, linen and cotton are the undisputed protagonists of this collection, a proper caress on the skin.

Sweet and bright seasons, spring and summer are the symbols of life and vitality: moments of the year in which everything blooms, days get longer, and the sun accompanies us and reflects itself in our way of living and seeing things, in our own emotions, perceptions and actions. The sun warms not only the skin, but also the heart and everything seems more brilliant, vibrant and alive. Calm, mild, pleasant, cheerful. All of it can be perceived, sensed and recreated in the new collection by Alexandra Tapu, with the ultimate purpose of being worn and donate an ideal sense of pure relax to the woman who is wearing it.

The colors, transparencies, shades remember this encounter, exchange and ancient bond: looks that lead to peace and tranquility of the senses, passing through the connection with Mother Earth. Green, brown, yellow, white…everything reminds of nature and naturality, from the textures to the fabric to the lengths which, graceful and wide, remember the inviting breeze of April, connoting freshness and dynamism.

A primordial bond, that with nature, which must be never forgotten. A bond that through this collection can be celebrated, respected and lived fully. Because elegance, simplicity and self-confidence are elements which will never be outdated and is nature itself the first one to relate.


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